Текст песни Yo Gotti — Buy Out

See, This that shit they been waitin on… You know?
This that buy out… and that buy on
This my life nigga, Know what im sayin?
This the shit im goin through, the state of mind im in right now ya feel me? Hah
Alright. You can put a little delay on it from here? Dont even erase that shit, thats the intro. We keepin it like that.Verse
a hundred miles and runnin, niggas gunnin at the enemy
NIggas switchin sides, givin up like its the end of me
Nigga holla family, but i know these niggas envy me
pound heat, thuggin till the mothafuckas sentence me
Im a trendin topic, top down bitch im ridin in the ’rarri
If you dont like me then im sorry
Same ole G, Im just bein me fuck a crittic
I rap about the shit ’cause i did it
Life dont change, neither do the game
New niggas get money, but the rules stay the same
Who im gonna sign with? Who im wanna grind with?
Thats my only question nigga, CMG Im dyin with
Cocaine muzik, Commas and Guns
Every nigga i fuck with, went to jail i made their bond
I never leave the house without my chain or my gun
Got on my dopeboy Guccis on, a fresh pair of 1’s"Preachin"Verse
Murder was the case nigga. Jump a hurrdle, Win a race nigga
Then i put it in ya face nigga.Face on my case nigga
Told my lawyer go to trial. Im doin it big in the meanwhile
If i lose, raise Mariah for me. If i die, Bust that fire for me
Pour out some liquor and get higher for me
Im doin this one for my homeboys.
Im hollerin Oh Lord, Some shit we cant afford
I just be speakin from the heart but sometimes it rhymes
Am i, a real rapper or just some nigga with lines?
I dont know, Im confused. Do isupposed to be rich?
You know that hoe aint ya hoe, she just yo supposed to be bitch
No supposed to be click, dont want no allys
I get green guys, off the white pies
Dope in that pot, and it get baptized
Haleluja, Bless my shootas
Serve my Js up, watch em hit that shoot up
Fuck this rap shit, I dont fit in
All the fuck boyz, all these fake friends
Streets on fire, plug on go mode
Streets so damn dry, i might get a truck load
Fuck yo contract, I wont sign that
Labels keep callin me, but i wont call back

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