Текст песни Yo Gotti — Black Bill Gates

40 dollar jeans, thousand dollar shades
Walk up in the club like a KKK parade.
DJ scream my name, bitches turn they head.
light sign on my section, i holla can i get some head.
I dont need no jewelry, and i dont need no goons
Wherever i might stand, im the realist nigga in the room
Never been complete, and dont throw in the towel
Gangsta, and you know it, fuck it take them hoes to trial

(Nigga we dont cop no pleas pussy, nigga our money right, lawyers paid. p12 nigga, CM5 bitch)

I got money on my mind, bitches in my bed
problems in my household, niggas in the feds
Yeah thats my dogs, so i can let they calls
Record label bullshittin, put my shit on pause
Cause i wont make no single commercial shit i rap for yall
So fuck the industry, and my enemies kill them all
Bullet in the chamber, bitch yo life in danger
Mama never told you dont be conversating with strangers
I owe God a favor, He send me a angel
Niggas tried to kill me, He made sure i had a banger
Now i got to thank ya, proud to be a gangsta
Past the Beale Street, nigga fuck being famous

Nigga i want the muthafucking money nigga
No attention pussy, gangsta shit nigga, CM5

I goes light, camera, action, Franklins and Jacksons
money in my mattress, im tryna fuck a actress
My life like a movie, but i dont do no acting
I just keep it gangsta with my North Memphis accent

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