Текст песни Yo Gotti — And Then What Freestyle

I had the green in my auntie house, like Jeezy
Guns in my grandma, fo’ sheezy
Baby mama holding that work, and that’s real
A nigga took something from Gotti and got killed
Shady pistol drive, we posted up on the hill
And the grams and the halves for fifty, how I feel
I got it, been had it since ’95
’73 Monte green, twenty inch tires
(Southern Smoke!)
Pop where that chicken

Right back on the street, with they snitching ass
Say my name, you won’t get
Got the beam on the top, let’s hit it
I went to school with a phone and a pager
Because a nigga major was selling niggas major
Prices got outrageous, niggas started robbing
Gotti got a chopper, chop a nigga block
Boom, boom, like a fucking helicopter
Sandwich bag, razor, quarter thing in a locker

You was working 9 to 5’s, I was slinging blocks up
I was sipping Cristal, you were drinking vodka
I’ma keep a pistol, all my niggas locked
Gudda doing ten, but they still can’t stop us
I’ma hold the block up, got it on my shoulder
’67 drop, worth the price of a Rover
Macked out, blacked out, old school Nova
Lights out, hang out, fuck a nigga Hova
Bitch get your mind right, thought a nigga told you

Yo Gotti from the north, I’m a dirty south soldier
Full time grinder, dirty south boss
Spent sixty five thou’ on a white and yellow cross
Another forty five for a white and yellow chain
Another thirty five just to let you know my name
I’m back to the basics, I’m back to the block
I never left the dope alone, I never left the Glocks
I never closed shop, I never left the city
To you hate motherfuckers, if you want me come get me
I’m still in the same hood, still do the same shit
Still got the same homies, still fuck the same bitch
Got a plan to get money? I’m with it
What’s up Jeezy? Let’s get it

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