Текст песни Violinder — Katie's Requiem

(Intro: Violinder)(Verse 1: Marcus Orelias)She had an undertaking from the first day.
So you couldnt understand the pain
At an early age her parents split
Leaving her to fate
I saw her late on a summer day
With a smile I couldnt replace
Finding her way and a place of her own
A tragedy playing to the world, so cold
Her earphones on Avenged Sevenfold
Enrolled at a school; shes known
Wanting As to make grades.
But the system cant accommodate her brain
Friends she has many; myself, little to few
Her mother told her, 1 or 2 is all you need to get through
Cause you believe it; you conceive it
Even on the eve of 16, out my comfort zone.
Is when I met her through Tone
Dark brown eyes like the night skies
All her flaws, I never mind
I told her one-day my stars will align
Even though stars die off sometime
Every place and time, youre always on my mind
Ive got so much to say but youre so far away(Hook: Ja Ronn)Please come and save us (x2)(Verse 2: Marcus Orelias)She knew her undertaking from the first day
So I hope you try to understand the pain
On school days that she missed
Inhaling problems; exhaling stresses
Is what she finds relief in, weekends were spent at Dolores Park
And lunch times parked between parked cars
Who her friends are, blur so she feels alone
Have you ever felt the worlds weight?
When, sticks and stones begin to circulate
On her worst day is when she told me
Rap, if thats what makes you happy
Who cares what people think; follow your dreams
And when you want to stop, dont quit do it for me
Fighting hard to cover up her sympathies
The conversation concluded with the illusion
Of feelings repaired by Kimball, it wasnt that simple
When youre young, disreguarding respect
I keep your picture around my neck
Lifes not the best, finally met your mom
She reflects, skies I saw in your eyes
They lend me their light to bring me close to heaven with you.(Hook)(Bridge)(Verse 3: Marcus Orelias)Quarter 3, is where it gets steep
The nave speak, cutting her heart deep.
Searching for love, few empathize.
Im falling hard, she dont recognize.
Recognizing, she wasnt the same
No one could heal her from the heartache
Inside, on cloud nine til shes caught high
Kicked out of high school, the grief intensifies
When everyday a piece of her dies
Abilifys abilities dont change minds
Reassuring I could see her at Dolores Park
But shes on a flight going somewhere far
Feeling no one cares if she dies
Though it matters, living in Montana
With her father, feeling thats it
Envision life without cliques
In the bedroom, lets the gun click
This wasnt how it was supposed to
I wish you could see my heart split(Outro: Vinnie Anastasia)Every thought is a vanishing act
Every person has purpose
But is it worth this worthless hurtles version of life behind curtains?
I throw verbal stones at spines
Fixing to cause a ripple of chills
Asking myself if this is everything
Or is consciousness a cosmic cobweb?
Death merely a dust sweeper
Its easy to forget that you’re alive
To become lost in the moments of routines
Bless those who wake up
But don’t wake from dreams
Im no expert of death
More of a lover if you consider how often it surfaces in my thoughts
Like gray whales for air
Gray whales share the same life span as humans
But ten times the capacity to hold their breath
Thats the stretch with people
We have a hard time holding things
Pick up, push forth and smile
Youll pull through
As you do, and do, and do

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