Текст песни Violinder — Beach Chair

[Verse 1: Violinder][Hook][Verse 2: Violinder][Hook 2][Bridge: Marcus Orelias]They sikh’n a rebel. Rebel and Sikh, seeking demolition on beats
(And you’re on a warm sandy beach)
The realization the city needs O is authentic, I know you hear when I spit it
(Feel the cold patch of sand underneath the shadow of your deck chair)
Told you my time was coming, made something from nothing, sketching the city on maps
(You’re good at this)[Verse 3: Marcus Orelias]Come with me or get left, wrote that there in kitchen on stovetop.
You know what they say, stay out if it’s too hot, I turn it up two notch.
Even when I was coal, always knew one day they’d saddle in crotch.
Never stayed locked in box, getting mail in the city with big dreams.
See me on big screens from Holly to Bollywood, doing big things.
While you slept on me, I dreamt a dream then kicked it. (gasping)
To conquer the world, you risk it.
Sentences show I’m senseless; maybe you’ll come to your senses.
I pressed play then came a long way from the MacBook.
I heard Raginder on «A.D.H.D.» then scribbled him down in my black book.
Thinking one day he’d collaborate with a no name, named Marcus O.
With one goal, sign Violinder so then he’ll call my imprint home.
Woah…I blow past ’em; play possum; toe tag ’em even in the same verse
I knew I’d always be here cause life’s to me is a beach chair. (hysterically gasping)
Just so you know until then I go to work on those who claim that I’d never get known.
While toting rhymes in the break room, V’s presidential in the right wing.
I write mean, pulling strings then I might sing in Punjabi.

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