Текст песни Tinie Tempah — It's OK

Girl, I’ve been a bad boy
Baby, don’t you say it’s ok
Did some things behind you,
Baby, don’t you say it’s ok
Why don’t you cry now?
Why don’t you cry now?
Cause then I’d know you still feel something for me!
But I truly know it’s over
When I hear you say it’s ok, it’s okYou told me you are down for whatever
I thought you’d be around me forever
You were my new york town? with some mellow ambition and a really good christian
You know we die like a feather weight
Tryna fuck around living heavy weight
How the hell could you say in the middle of the night we should call it the day,
I’d rather fucking do it a prison time
You had the key for the every single thing of mine
My house, my car, my motherfucking heart
I guess we didn’t dream for the same deal
I guess it’s still the time for the same seal
Now I’m in the middle?
Tryna tell you that I’m mind is paying fee
So, run along

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