Текст песни Tinie Tempah — Be Killen 'Em

Ohhh… The mixtape… Non-stop … Disturbin’ london
Yes, UK, London city
I be killin’ em serial killer style
Check my swag
You ain’t seen this material in a while
I’m so [?] Limited to amount
I can see my hotel from the spot I’m livin’ in now
Uh… Disturbin’ London in this ma’ fucka’
You better had you baby mom cause I’m a ma fucker

My [?] Got me lookin» like a hard trucker
I’m rich bitch put it on my credit card number
365, 24 album summers
I’m front page daily now [?]
I be killin’ em. Nigga I be killin’ em
Fuck it [?] Hangin’ with some [?] Lovers
MC Hammer niggers can’t touch us
Why these niggers tellin’ bitches [?]
I’m on a road why don’t you try and catch me
Because I’m killin’ all these mother fuckers [?]

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