Текст песни Queensryche — Breaking The Silence

(Chris De Garmo/Geoff Tate)
They told me to run
But just how far
Can I go wearing the black mask of fear?
The hate in my eyes always gives me away
The tension building slowly
Now I've lost everything I had in you
Nothing we shared means a thing
Without you close to me
I can't live without you
Breaking the silence of the night
Can't you hear me screaming?
I look for your face in the neon light
You never answer me
There's no direction to my stare
No more flame burning in my heart anymore
Quiet, I keep to myself
Until the sun sets slowly
I hear your voice in the evening rain calling
Nothing will keep us apart
No more lies and fear
There's no end to our story
I could make all the wrong seem right
If you were by my side
I'd gather all the tears you cried
And hide them deep underground
Can't look back, it's just a waste of time
Can't erase this hate from my eyes
Breaking the silence with my cries
Can7t you hear me screaming?
WE could make all this wrong seem ight
But you never answer me

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