Текст песни Paris Bennett — Dreamin'

I don't know
What's really going on?
Tell me what's happening
It's like the world it
So amazing
So tired of fighting
This killing me
And free me I'm little confused about it
Don't know if I'm dreaming
Cause he's so attekted
And I can't believe it
What is this thing that I'm falling in
Somebody hates because I think that I'm dreaming
So messed up cause I just can't believe what I'm seeing
It's all because I thought this man is got me believe in
I like it and now I'm holding this killing love
This is no
No ordinarily love
He is the one I've been dreaming of
Yes I like it
And I love it and I need it
Just can't get enough
Can't fight this
This feeling anymore
He is the one I've been waiting for
I'm dreaming
Let me beee
Cause I love him
Just can't get enough
I don't know
How I can feel this way
How dear he do this to me
He's got me open
And I am hopping
That we won't ever gone away
And break me I'm
Little scared about it
Don't know if this
Is the real?
That's just as crazy
He's making me crazy
What is this thing that I'm dealing with
This dude just
Maybe my soul made and I like like the way

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