Текст песни Paris Bennett — Burnt Up

You said you meet me at ma mama's house
at 10pm
So me and you could just hang out
without your freinds
you never show'd up
you had me wait'n
i should have recginized
that you were game'n then
like a fool i just let you slide
you gave them excuses that sound almost like lie's
i got play'd again..now i no better
cus what you show'd is that your words mean nothing when you give them to me Your burt up


I was late one time now my credits burt up
she won't forget it now i got bad credit
she won't forget it now i got bad credit
i just can't trust it now your burt up

(hey yo paris baby, look i'm sorry about the other night, you know i be on ma grezzal.. a whats up girl, Hello anyways call me i kno you see ma number)

Baby i kno i goin be waste'n tears while you waste ma time you say it's ma face that apears when you close your eyes. a broken promise is the same as a boken heart.. i most be honest glade it's over before it starts.. take ma number out your phone don't be call'n me.
it dont mean a thing i'm ????? ?????????


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