Текст песни Paris Bennett — Best Friends

Verse I. So many questions in my mind but I don't always ask
when I don't know what's best for me
and everything is moving fast
Mama I wonder if you understand as a mother or a friend
when a boyfriend breaks my heart and it's hard for me to part
when I'm crying silent tears
cause I can't explain my fears
and the walls is closing in on me

With out you by my side I want survive
there is no one I just want to guide my life
all I want is to make you proud of me
You got to know that you are my best friend for real
oooooooooooooooo yeah yeah

Verse II. I might be strong to you right now
but i ain't always been
listen babe I've learned
from my past mistakes I made
babe I am here for you know just what you're going through
got to feel some hurt and pain
know into enjoy the rain
know that you will never be alone
even if your grown come home
I'll try and stop that wall from closing on you

I'll be right here by your side we will survive
I am grateful to be the one to guide your life
I'll be right here with open arms you can count on me
ya gotta know you are my best friend for real

Verse III. Through the storm and the rain
we can share each other pain
look for me I'll be there to so show you how much I care
friends may come and go but one thing you should know
we will always stay together and never let go

aaaaaaaaaah momma I love you
you have always been there for me
most important thing is that you see

You are my best friend for real

Through the storm and the rain
mount on Jesus share your pain
when you can't make it through
I'll always be here for you
when you're weak I'll be strong helping you to carry on
heavens knows that that's what family is for
for the rest of your life know that you can count on me
you're the air that I breathe

You are my best friend for real

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