Текст песни Pariah — This Means War

(Kyle Ellison, Sims Ellison, Jason McMaster)
I'm mean as hell--I'm itchin' for a thrill
Asphalt stickin' to the bottom of my boots
I'm oozin' for a kill
Down at the candy store, that's where I breed
I've spend my life down in the gutter watchin' the vultures feed
Take what you get in this lifetime
You may not get another
Sometimes hard times get you down
Don't ever let it under your skin
This means war--burned and beaten
What do ya take me for--lied to and cheated
I hear you screamin'--I must be dreamin'
Today's a different day, unlike tomorrow
Gonna put your life through agony, gonna fill your heart with sorrow
Stick a thorn in your back and say it's gonna be o.k.
Ain't got a whole lot of shit to pack
I did the same old shit as yesterday
(First verse)

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