Текст песни Pariah — Nobody Listens

(David Derrick, Jared Tuten, Kyle Ellison, Sims Ellison)
My head keeps spinnin' when I listen to your bitchin'
Never heard a word my dirty mouth spits
I'm crazy, wasted, I am lazy
No one hears what I say, I'm
Talkin' to myself when I say, kick and scream
Nobody listens
We can live some other way if you don't know
I bitch and scream, nobody listens to me
I don't pay attention to misinformation
The words we speak are always so degrading
There are things you ought to know but ya don't care
Speak your mind if you dare, I'm
I'm in a world gone mad, I never heard a place so sad
In a world where the people don't give a damn
'Cause they've got a free ticket to the promised land
I'm in a world gone mad
If you know we'll take you there

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