Текст песни Pariah — Letter To Myself

(David Derrick, Jared Tuten, Kyle Ellison, Sims Ellison, Michael Dan Ehmig)
This is a letter to myself
Painted picture, cry for help
It feels like I am now alone
I can't call you on the phone
If I could reach into your heart, I'd tear your world apart
It kind of broke inside of me
You gotta see it to believe--the world is crashin' on me
I've seen emotion to the end
It's always hard when you lose a friend
I don't quite know what words to say
Whispered nothings fade away
Was it written in blood, written in pain
Written in love or written in vain
Is it written in hope, written in shame
Just can't cope--who's to blame--oh, no

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