Текст песни PARDON HLUNGWANI — I Love Raping And I Hate Girl's

Clap!!!(x6) oooh shirt
I love raping
and i hate girls because girls are another enemis of my life.Chorus:
Always i listen the song of rap and r&b.Is my chance to make people happy and love me about that track.I’ve grow up not having wife and i don’t have a house for my enemis so please leave me alone my enemis.I want to live a better life for (tomorrow x2)chorus:
Since i’ve born my enemis follow me to block my futureee everyday.They look me they see you they see us like a poor people and i don’t like that because am a real man.Many people talk about my new tracks because their nice they have nice raping.Chorus:
Without me nobody can change my life because i love raping.My parent love me because i love raping.God please help me because i still loving rap.I don’t love girl’s because girls are stupit from they mother stamach.I love you when you love me.I hate you when you hate me.Think you god to make me a better person on another people.
Chorus till fade.