Текст песни Parasite — Screwed On Caffeine

I don't know what's going on,
My head hurts and feels very wrong,
I can't understand what it all means,
Oh My God, I'm screwed on caffeine

I know I said I wouldn't,
And I know I really shouldn't
Tried to give up but I couldn't
Cos I'm screwed on caffeine
Hyper! Hyper!

Everything seems to slow down,
I want to lie down on the ground,
I can't stop laughing, though nothing's funny,
Oh my God, I'm screwed on caffeine


Caffeine makes my head feel warm,
My heart pounds like mad, my soul is torn,
Everything looks slightly green,
Oh my God, I'm screwed on caffeine


My brain flies up 23 feet,
My jaw drops and my eyes meet
I tried to lie down in my seat,
In a vain attempt to get to sleep
Cos running about just makes things worse
Addiction to caffeine is such a curse

Caffeine makes my heart feel warm
My head pounds and my minds reborn
What does this madness all mean?
I don't know, I'm messed up on caffeine

chorus x2

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