Текст песни Nas — Testify

[Nas Talking]
Wanna dedicate this joint right here
To Johnason, Jackson, and George Jackson
Peace to those brothers
Wanna shoutout my man «sherm the worm»
80 years?
Come home nigga
Come home?niggas?

[Verse 1]
I just burnt my American flag
And sent three cracker Nazi’s to hell and I’m sad
Uh, I’m loading tefs in my mag
To send these red neck bigots some death in a bag
Choke him out with his confederate flag; I know these devils are mad
Little rap fans that live way out in safe suburbia
Would you stand with me, a United States murderer?

[Nas talking]
Would you testify?
You buy my songs
You buy my songs
But would you ride with me?
You understand my struggle
That’s what you claim, right?
Well get your aim right
And get your game tight

[Verse 2]
Don’t buy my songs, ya’ll don’t roll with it
Come into concerts, singing hoe and shit
F**k ya’ll little little hoe bitches,
I don’t need ya’ll, I’ll go gold with it
I heard ya’ll was downloading it (huh,)
Like I’m ya man who be exposing shit (hehe,)
Like uh, William Cooper, who told you the pale horse is the future

[Nas talking]
Would you testify with some realness like that?
I think you scared (hehe)
I don’t think you prepared
You know what I’m asking you?
Do we know what I’m asking you? Hahaha

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