Текст песни Nas — Spastic (50 Cent Diss)

I observed this, short term nigga Curtis
His soul he let record execs purchase
They were nervous but now they’re wordless
This bitch 50 I spit shit that rips out his cervix
Truth is you only dropped one hot LP
Smell me? Now you niggas wanna dead me
This is the tenth shell I’m inserting through ya dome
Sitting on the throne yet still I murk u wit the chrome
Homes I got gold and platinum, test your stamina
U homos gettin manicures, thug life ain’t glamorous
You niggas is phony, dissin everybody on Ja’s roster
When you ain’t hip hop nigga pop is your proper genre
Lames should change your name to The Temptations
Diss Nas you get faded, couldn’t see me with LASIX/
They say I’m givin em hell but this shit is a hotter climate/
Burnin internal, shell inferno nigga it’s Nastradamus/Chorus
Magmatic, my flow is purely heat rocks
You thought Nas was kufis and bean pies
I’m illmatic, stillmatic in this rap shit
You niggas ain’t fit to spit my ad-libsNiggas slept on me, this is the rude awakening
Niggas act like insecure ho’s gettin facelifts
It’s still Escobar, who set the bar for yall
Never dropped the ball now u niggas wantin war
No love, I throw slugs, like dro I’ll roll up
More presidential than the POTUS
You tried to rob but you could never dethrone the god
On tour wit Braveharts kissing my ass for cheese
Just like a rat, nigga please
Even then you never twisted trees
Told JMJ that Nas was your hero
Records sold was zero, before the deniro
And that’s a fact faggot, you got ya act backwards
I’m tight spastic, in the streets like jackhammersChorus 2x

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