Текст песни Nas — In His Own Words

[Chorus - Jr. Gong]
Jah told you in his own words
And I??€™ll see you through
To guide you through this cold world
And I??€™ll see you through

Jah told you in his own words
And I??€™ll see you through
To guide you through this cold world
And I??€™ll see you through

[Verse 1 - Nas]
Two steps away from death, a vest and a holster
I detest detectives arresting us over
Weapons possession, they was checking the Rover
Inspecting the tattoos on my neck and my shoulder
How many times I??€™m one of six coffin-holders
Or sitting with goons in a visiting room
Flip it, I could??€™ve been you
Behind state walls bidding
These are the things that a G pray for, acquit us
A little stash in the safe or a little shorty to wait for
Or a shorty to take the weight for him
What really did I escape from?
Thought I saw God??€™s face on the design on my vintage Claiborne
Swear I see em every day in the bus or the train
Or the billboards out there that hang tall
I still give thanks for him, have faith for him
No matter what his name??€™s called

[Chorus - Jr. Gong]

[Verse 2 - Jr. Gong]
Hey can you think of a colour that you??€™ve never seen?
Can you reminisce on places you??€™ve never been?
Well is many are called
But them never deemed
Worthy for the cause
Cause them never clean
Help who help themselves
Jah nuh raffle dream
That??€™s why me chummy with Jah Jah
Like a Cherubim
Keep us strong through the winter like an Evergreen
And all of us are more connected than it ever seems
All things are related and creation is a package
Generate together and we increase the wattage
A how them a go manage?
Tell Babylon them can??€™t do Rasta damage
Nor stop we through the passage
Jah did make a promise, God is always honest
Always keep his word, don??€™t care what the plan is
Don??€™t be astonished
Stumbling bocks vanish
One day the meek gonna live inna di palace, Woah!

[Chorus - Jr. Gong]

[Verse 3 - Nas]
Some people ask me if I feel the zionists are real
And in my songs do I plan to expose and reveal
Word to the curb that??€™s under these chrome wheels
My homies is only ones I??€™m taking care of
But severe reality starts to become more clear
And these know-it-all rappers have become more weird
As if they were superior and fans are inferior
How I balance between the streets and the theories of
Collegiate literature, I hold mirrors up
Give combinations of pain, joy, fear, and love
Through my perspective I can see Jah reflection
In the highest definition getting high with my brethren
Could??€™ve asked us why Africans dying from circumcision
They lack proper surgeons, suffer malnutrition
Underestimate the wealth of their own wisdom
It??€™s like it??€™s been exchanged for this penicillin

[Chorus - Jr. Gong]

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