Текст песни Judd Wynonna — Heaven Help My Heart

Words and Music by David Tyson,Tina Arena and Dean McTaggartTwo smilin' faces, that's how it used to beWhat once was forever is now a faded memoryThe perfect illusionFor a while I guess it wasWithout explanationThe bloom fell off the rose(chorus)Heaven help my heart'Cause it's a lot like meI'm wondering when this all will endAnd I'll find the love I needI know it's out there somewhereSomehow I still believeI'm asking pleaseHeaven help my heartThis world can get crazyThese are troubled timesI'd walk through the fireIf love is what I'd findIt's out of my hands nowSo I put my faith in youAnd say a little prayerAnd hope that it comes true(repeat chorus)

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