Текст песни Jaewon — To Hell And Back

In the lights, at the show //
got me blinded, don’t know where to go //
and my heart is at home //
I’m surrounded but feel so alone //
(I just want to scream!)Would you follow me through the storm? //
Would you carry me in your arms? //
Or would you let me walk on my own? //What if I never were to make it back again //
would you follow me to hell and back again //
or would you leave me all alone?… //Verse 1:
Story of a youngen with a dream of that fast life //
’cause I could never fit in or get my act right //
it was ’99, I saw the facts like //
I know enough of this binniz and I can rap tight //ill shit I would write like it’s nothing //
skinny kid who had an appetite for destruction //
in a little town where everybody was frontin’ //
I wanted to be the one to get something //so I just pushed through the darkness to catch a lil’ light //
my inner demons I brought out to capture real life //
but patching wounds is harder when you just feel like //
what you wished for isn’t even close to what you will find //uh, so fuck the world, I’ma get mine //
let ’em sit by as I tear ’em all into bits now //
I know I have said it before, only this time //
I really mean it, so come on baby, let’s fly… //Chorus.Verse 2:
Nowadays I wake up and look in the mirror, man, I swear I’m going crazy //
used to love this game but now look at what it made me //
a wolf’s hunger and what started as a day-dream //
soon turned into reality and now I’m waist-deep //living life as illustrated by Mark Millar //
all by myself behind the scenes of a dark thriller //
I cough, cough, spit that venom getting sharp, still a //
little shy kid but still I feel like I’m Godzilla //everytime I’m in that booth, I don’t need no one //
I just look up at this steep road and I keep going //
eyes glowing when I’m going into beastmode //
as I step into their freakshow with my teeth showing // (rawrrr!)ready for whatever they send me, I feel so //
alive every single time that the beat goes // (BOOM)
don’t even care, fuck ’em all //
they’re the reason I’ve become what you will hear in the song… //Chorus.

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