Текст песни Jaewon — So Much Better

Intro (JaeWon):
Uh… Yeah…
Ladies and gentlemen — you know who it is.
Coming live to ya, straight outta Zeroville.
JaeWon.Chorus (Peter Krafft):
So just believe that we can be //
something that is SO MUCH BETTER //
we’re so much be-be-better //So just believe that we can be //
something that is SO MUCH BETTER //
s-so much better…Verse 1: (JaeWon)
I used to have dreams of flying cars and lightsabers //
OD’ing on neon lights and skyscrapers //
to me it didn’t matter that I was a flyweighter //
I just walked by the bleechers fly like «Hi haters!» //whatup Doc? Fix the clock, then it’s on again //
pull up my socks, check the watch, feel the morning wind //
tie the laces on my Chucks and I’m sure to win //
fast-forward when I hop in my Delorean //a flash of light right over your backyard //
while you’re pointing fingers thinking «He’ll never go that far» //
now I’m flying high with the greatest of rapstars //
never running out of gas, it runs on trash talk //shooting for space, won’t settle for the stars //
fly far, five star rebel with a cause //
I’m hoverboarding through the madness //
just an 80’s baby bumping classics… //Chorus. (Peter Krafft)Verse 2: (JaeWon)
Now when you hear the theme song as the movie starts //
and you see this kid fly over the moon and Mars //
it’s just a little story that we used to call //
the chronicles of a schoolyard superstar //I can’t lie man, the music taught //
me nearly everything I know, lead me through the dark //
all those times when I was about to lose the spark //
recalling memories of when I used to rock //to this tape that I put in my boombox //
that made a little dude hop over the rooftops //
to revel in the music, feeling the boost, hot adrenaline //
like you got hit with a few shots of venom when //knowing that there ain’t no antidote //
and it’s hard to keep your head up when you stand alone //
but I’m a dreamer, refuse to abandon hope //
so I’m rock, rock on till my casket’s closed… //Chorus x2. (Peter Krafft)

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