Текст песни Jaewon — Long Live The King

Close my eyes as I fall //
thinking «I showed them all!» //
they can’t take this away from me now (from me now) //hear them all cheer for him //
they can’t take this away //
they can’t take this away from me now… //Verse 1:
Yes, feels like I’m fresh out the bonfire //
heart of a lion, ironfists of a scarred fighter //
part tiger, glowing eyes of a darksider //
as I balance on a barbed wire through the hard times // (I’m…) (STILL)persistent and patient //
dressed up in confidence, twisted and crazy //
the kids tell the tale of a renegade spirit //
they all thought went away, but he never did, did he? //nah, I’m still here and my vision’s still alive //
I’ve already been to Oz, looked the wizard in the eyes //
like I know I’ve got a heart but something’s missing in my life //
so my eyes pointed up, blowing kisses at the sky //as I dedicate this to all my angels who never made it //
and say a prayer for the brave ones who kept the flame lit //
through our darkest hours and toss some flowers //
inspired by their journey, we embark on ours… // (Yeah!)Chorus.Verse 2:
No matter what they tell ya this is really me //
trying to hold my own, in a town where they won’t let you breathe //
where loyalty means a guillotine //
and they even pick our pennies out the wishing well just to kill our dreams //always trying to make sure my confidence wearing thin //
like the DEA, they don’t want to see the hero win //
but I still get up on that stage like I don’t fear a thing //
try to keep me on the ground, bitch, I’ll grow a pair of wings //and spread ’em wide, flying high over the city //
where people still look down on me like I don’t really fit in // (BUT)
I don’t give a shit though, wouldn’t mind getting grimey //
so give me your best competitor (and) I’ll show you where to find me //and if I ever fail I just pray that I did //
what I could, put a smile (up)on the face of my kids //
told my wife that I loved her everyday, that I’ll live //
for her love eternally, all rise for the king… // (Nooow…)Chorus.

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