Текст песни Jaewon — Lionheart

Verse 1:
Yeah, real life, young go-getta //
about to hit ’em with his own, get the show set-up //
now his whole city’s proud of their own little //
boy that would grow into a full-blown gorilla //yeah, now he’s a beast that would grow bigger //
venomous tongue, in his zone, son is a cold killer //
no dopedealer, but he supply the fiends //
tell ’em what he tells the skinny girls — go figure //but little did they know he would own every //
track he got on, drop bombs on these bullshitters //
and hold (-ing) the microphone steady, man, he’s so ready //
he’s already going for the throne and gold medal // (yeah!)haters want to see him gone but he won’t let ’em //
and if you ever thought he would, homie, you should know better //
nah, he’s no quitter //
just a man with the heart of lion trying to show ’em that I won’t give up… //Chorus (x2):
La-la-la-Lionheart! //
Are you ready for me now? //
I’m coming at the speed of sound! //
La-lionheart… La-lionheart…Verse 2:
Tell ’em all to make room for the new kid //
they all thought was running out of fuel, now the dude’s spit //
sicker than any possible flu that the news pick //
to push, man, he’s looking ready to shoot, got the fuse lit //so that’s what I did, been on the move since //
I am so prepared for battle even my mood swings //
plus I made a vow to always give ’em my two cents //
right until they picking up a new scent //fuck it, I’ma live life, go and get it while I’m young //
’cause that shit’ll make you blind like you’re staring at the sun //
so I try not to worry and just have a little fun //
’til that 9 millimeter leaves the barrel of the gun //if you think it sounds harsch, just look at where my heroes went //
they either died from a bullet or from heroin //
so I guess from here on I’m the heir to the throne //
to carry the load and go ’til they bury my bones… //Chorus.

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