Текст песни Jaewon — Like A Warrior

As we walk through the shadow in the valley of death //
no matter how them a try, no me nah lose me head //
Look, you already know what is coming up //
when you feel that chill, getting cold though the sun is up //
ground shaking when I show up with a hunger that’ll //
show ’em, when they slip up I’ll be going for their jugulars //no chrome rims, no jewels on my neck //
just a die hard, lion-hearted dude on that next shit //
two middlefingers to their rules, like a rebel //
every record’s getting shattered, attitude’s heavy metal // (uh…)let ’em run, I’m ’bout to hit ’em with that cutthroat //
Jack the Ripper shit and spit that I don’t give a fuck-flow //
these wack rappers, man, I ship ’em by the truckload //
they ain’t never smuggled no coke, but their stuff blowsss // (Get ’em…)and for those pretending to care //
that put all their effort in gossip and wouldn’t lend me a hand //
keep talking, I don’t need you amateurs help //
I’ve got these pussies on lock like a chastity belt. Let’s go… //Chorus:
’Cause I’m a warrior, no me never giving up //
no me stay firm on the way to the top //
me burn fiyah all day, non-top //
right until the beat drops //’Cause I’m a warrior //
with a hunger to rise //
the whole world is mine //
THIS IS MY LIFE… //Verse 2:
You can keep throwing bricks inside your glasshouse //
hating everybody, talking shit until you pass out //
and I’m spit until rid of every last doubt //
and haters hear my shit and look like Britney when she spazzed out //see everytime I’m in their town they’re like «Where is he?!» //
until the one they all feared would appear swiftly //
about to take over this world they wouldn’t share with me //
watch me do it like Timothy Treadwell — bare (bear) with me //always looking for a better way //
sticking to my Guns, throwing Roses, running through that November Rain //
thought I outgrew it, the feeling just never went away //
Almost Famous, now all that’s missing is Penny Lane //tell her I’ll do what I can to make it happen and //
once I make it there I swear I’m never going back again //
even if I’ve got to work my fingers to the bone //
every day I’ll be swinging for the throne… //Chorus.Verse 3:
See me walking through the fire with my chin high //
still navigate through bulletrains with my wings wide //
and if you ever thought I’d quit you better think twice //
I’ll finish the song, then I’m gone ’fore the ink dries… //Chorus.

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