Текст песни Jaewon — Gotham Is Burning

Let’s torch it all //
and watch it fall apart — tonight //
it’s burning (it’s burning) tonight //Let’s torch it all //
for all the broken hearts — tonight //
it’s burning (it’s burning)Verse 1:
Can you see those stars in the sky, feel the cold wind blowing? //
see the moon while I’m blowing out a smoke ring //
light another cigarette while thinking «I’m a show them» //
make sure they know none sicker when I go in //He’s a beast, yeah, a bastard they call him //
always put it all in his tracks and make sure that //
they know he ain’t just another rascal, aboard with //
a nack for that raw shit in rap, living lawless //just a man going after it all and he’s //
willing to push it to the max for the glory //
though he’s well-aware of the fact it’ll cost him //
everything he loves, kiss his daughter on the forehead //then he’s gone in the cracks of the fortress //
glance at the city in the back, so alluring //
one last time, then ignores all the warnings //
picking up the torch and see the flame looking gorgeous… //Chorus.Verse 2:
Nowadays when I look in the mirror my reflection is tired //
(and weak) but, tell me, how do you rest with the fire //
lit under your eyelids, possessed by a higher //
will to kill ’em all, break the necks of these giants //on this path, on my own, I travel in slow- //
-mo through the lands of the cold and arrogant folks //
some panic arose, and yet my/his balance would show //
a talented young padawan who had Anakin’s soul //darkness in his mind, entangled with hope //
and he knew to reach that high — he had to get low //
images flashing of the magic he had that would grow //
into an obsession as the passion got out of control //nowadays he moves in a mechanical mode //
with his mind set on the top, his plan is to blow //
right now I’m thinking you might as well hand me the globe //
since we’re all just moments away from insanity. Go… //Chorus (x2)

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