Текст песни Jaewon — All The Way

Go your way, don’t listen to the others //
they’ve doubted for the last time //
they can’t break you, even if no other //
you go your own way //if you believe like I believed //
then you will go all the way //
if you believe //
then you will go all the way… //Verse 1:
Listen love/dear, I know you’re far from home //
I know that chasing dreams is tough when you walk alone //
while being singled out, catch every single doubt //
that they send your way, it’s like they came here just to bring you down //I know you’re feel/feeling alone, but trust me, I know //
just what you’re going through, standing there trying to find hope //
weight of the world on your shoulders, walking a tightrope //
ten thousand feet up in the air trying to find hope //’cause when the dust settles and the smoke clears //
and you’re feeling ready, get rid of those fears //
rise above all their comments and cold stares //
and give the finger to the world like you don’t care… //Chorus.Verse 2:
I used to live in fear, but now I walk the streets //
like I’m the king of the world, man, no apologes //
so you can all just keep talking, it won’t bother me // (’cause)
being around the weaker you just made a stronger me //understand that I ain’t saying that I’m flawless //
I’m just saying nowadays I worry ’bout my flaws less //
out of the darkness, aiming for that new high //
wings spread wide as I be flying ’cross that blue sky //’cause when the dust settled and the smoke cleared //
I was ready man, got rid of those fears //
rose above all their comments and cold stares //
and gave the finger to the world like I don’t care… //Chorus.Come a long way since that skinny dude //
was told by his teachers he wouldn’t make it to 22 //
but I’m still standing, feeling incredible //
as I lift my daughter to the sky — I guess I’m living proof… //Chorus.

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