Текст песни Jacquees — Destiny's Child

I’m usually not use to this
I just had to tell you what it is
So dont worry bout’ who I’m runnin’ with
When we get older you gon’ have all my kids
I never had a love like you before and I mean it
Your the one that’s in my dream’s
I just want her badder than Beyoncè
Not wildin’ out at partie’s
Don’t like girl’s who like me
But, yeah[Hook]
I’m fuckin’ with you tonight, even if it takes all night [x4]
Shawty [x13]If you were mine
I’d swim ocean wide
Just to be by your side
Girl I’m serious
And there’s no need to flex
Girl I put you a mix
I would more than you say
Girl I’m seriousI don’t want Beyonce
And I don’t want Michelle
You know who you are
You’re my superstar
And she sees more than a star
In me(Hook)

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