Текст песни Jacks Of All Trades — Suffer Of Sweet J

Can`t you see the pain is spreading all around us
Our lives controlled by addictions and lust
If it feels good just feel free
Everybody else is doing it so why can`t we
Just forget about the man who died on the cross
Forget that His death neutralized our loss
Cos it`s so much easier to live like a fool
If easy`s what you want I`ll pull the trigga for you

Yeah so sweet blood of J releases me
Can`t you see His pain that made me free
Made me see

Pain - The suffer of sweet J
Pain - The suffer of sweet J
The suffer of J

Satan you have no right to touch me
Cos His blood is all over me

Get outta my face before I`ll rip you in half
God will separate the wheat for the chaff
And when He does where are you gonna be
In hell with the devil or in heaven with me
Think about it thought about it
Make your mind up quick
Cos man you don`t have to act like a freak
All this Hollywood glamour makes me go insane
Don`t let His blood flow in vain

Matthew 6:9-13

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