Текст песни Jacks Of All Trades — Round 12

On the backstage everyone's stearing at me
As I'm getting ready to meat my destiny
I'm up against the master
My breath is getting faster
Everybody's willing to witness my disaster
Cause lasting is the last thing on my mind
Everlasting is the pain I could find
And if I could fly I'd be out in a minute
Trying to unlock the chain
But I've already done it
It's my own actions that be holding me down
Nothing in this world could help me get out
I'm stearing eye to eye with the beast
And I'm already down on my knees
My ears are ringing from the noise of screaming
I wish I'd wake up and just'd been dreaming
Cause now the clock is ticking too fast
Everybody knows that I won't last

The bellring breaks my head ' I hear his voice calling
Give me your best shot he said ' I feel my world burning
The bellring breaks my heart ' I hear his voice calling
And there's no way out

I think I'm going down
It's time for final round
I never didn't bow down
Now I got to face the ground

I step into the arena, get blinded by light
The croud screams out: ??€??we wanna see you fight??€??
It's like I always wanted to shine, not tonight
I wanna rest my case and be out of their sight
I hear them shout, feel them spit my face
Lord please, don't let this fight end my days
Let this cup pass if it be your will
But tonight pride must be killed

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