Текст песни Jacks Of All Trades — Conclusion

Beautiful hands touch my soul
Eyes full of fire, you make me whole
Never did I feel like this before
I didn't even know what's it all for
To make you see what you mean to me
Ain't no other way it was meant to be
This moment's we share
God knows how I care
Blood in, blood out
I'll always be there
I close my eyes and let me forget
Blind, disguised there's no regrets
No secrets, closed all the bets
No time at all to feel depressed
Cause when I feel like crying
You make me smile
And when I think I'm dying
I come alive
The feeling I get from you makes me fly so high
I wanna lose my mind

After all it all goes down
After all it all comes out

I lay me down in a secret bliss
Couldn't even tell you how it feels
The ground beneath my feet is on fire
But I can't feel it I'm already higher
Flying way above all my dreams
Making use of what coluld never be
And I guess I thought it was all in my head
Inside my mind, but no it wasn't dead
Golden gates that couldn't be opened
All of a sudden the lock was broken
Four words were spoken, I must've been hoping
Something so great inside me was awokened
I felt the flames burning my soul
My only goal was to fill that hole
Then I saw your eyes and they were saying
Words unmentioned that left me praying

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