Текст песни Jacks Of All Trades — Bear

Follow these thoughts through the maze of life
Amazed by the little things that catch my eye
Not knowing what to do, where to go, what to be
But I need you there to rest at ease
At best that is worth wasting a smile
For you Iwould walk a hundred miles
Till the end of time, into the sunshine
Follow me there, it'll be alright

No more than you can bear, no more than I can bear
Now let me see your eyes ' let me see you
No more than you can bear,no more than I can bear
I'm sick of hearing lies ' let me hear you

Paperbacks full of unholy scriptures
Someone painting a worthless picture
I see your face thru the rain and the darkness
Pain and suffering become my fortress
I rest my head on the solid ground
Angels walking up and down
The latter of my mind in the sweetest dreams
As I lose myself, least so it seems

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