Текст песни Jacks Of All Trades — All Hope Is Gone

I ain`t no soul assassin I will make your soul alive
I will give you the words put this rhyme inside
Your heart let it dwell make it swell then tell
Everybody around you to boycott hell
Give you the words to put you back on focus
Make you forget about hocus pocus
Just open your mouth let the holy ghost in
from north to the south get rid of your sin

I don`t wanna see you taken
(I don`t wanna be here faking)
Outta my soul

Hope is gone without you
My hope is gone without you
Hope is gone without you
All hope is gone

Close your eyes imagine your soul
Taken out from its place thrown in a black hole
Then everything around you turns into a disaster
Just like Bruce Willis you`re left on the asteroid
All by yourself push the button go to hell
For all eternity that`s where you`ll dwell
You should`ve thought it a long time ago
Now God is taken out and to darkness you go

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