Текст песни Israel Kamakawiwo'ole — Kainoa

I'm waiting on a warm and sunny Si shore yearning for the one that I earned for, my heart is true, and I'm thinking of you, forever, I'll love you, Kainoa. I see a sunbeam dancing all the water surfing on a wave that comes to shore, the promise and the beam is a long-away to dream, it tells me that you love me, Kainoa. Now day is done the sunset, Kainoa, stars are peakabowing from above, the moon gets bright and still, in my heart, I feel the thrill, the trade-with, say you love me, Kainoa. The silvery moon is shining on the land casting palmy shadows on the sand, they dance us with the moon when the breezes are too, they do this cause' they love you, Kainoa.

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