Текст песни Ian Tyson — Heartaches Are Stealin’

Julie’s got a pint of Old Crow in her purse

She’s quit her job at Cuyama Cafй
Left a note on his truck – “Go back to your wife …

You threw all my good years away.”
Now she’s fallin’ apart in a Greyhound bus

That’s rollin’ through the outskirts of town.
F#m A
She’ll be in Santa Barbara by sundown.

Karen’s drivin’ through Maricopa.
She’s twenty miles gone from the ranch.
Starin’ straight ahead she hits the Highway Five
Near McKittrick where they met at a dance.
She packed up what was left of her good years
Left without lookin’ around
She’ll be in Santa Rosa come sundown

A F#m A F#m
Things they’ll never have, things they’ll never get.
A F#m D E
Things they can’t remember, things they can’t forget.
A F#m A F#m
Shining out of reach like the distant lights of town
C#m A
Heartaches come rollin’ at sundown
C#m A
Heartaches are stealin’ come sundown

There’s a cowboy standin’ out near the fence line
Wished he didn’t feel so alone
But if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride
And heart wouldn’t turn into stone.
Pride took the best of his good years
And two women whose lives he tore down,
It’s gonna be lonely in Cuyama come sundown

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