Текст песни Halloween — To Fight the Beast

Peering out his window into a massive crowd
He could see a million faces screaming hate out loud
Without a clue or reason he held his sword up high
He tried to fight the masses, then laid his head to die
To die, ohh!!Hung above the city like the smoke that fills the air
Arms stretched out above us and no one seemed to care
His death was planned to save us, but the blind have not yet seen
The evil thatÂ’s around us, the evil thatÂ’s betweenAnd though we cannot see him
We know that heÂ’s still there
Fighting for our freedom
To show that he still cares, oh!(Solo)HeÂ’s coming back to take us to the promised land
HeÂ’s not gonna stop the pick the lawyers from the bands
He knows if weÂ’ve been waiting paying for our sin
And heÂ’s the one who will lead us there and god will let us inIÂ’m not saying you should go to church
Or listen to the priest
Just remember heÂ’s still out there
HeÂ’s gone to fight the beastTo fight!
The Beast!

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