Текст песни Hades Almighty — An Oath Sworn In Bjorgvin

When The Grimson Red Skies
Baths The Horizon In A Poisonous Kiss
I Kiss My Hammer
I Kiss My Sword
My Eyes Glear Of Infernal Joy

In My Dreams I Saw Them
They Made Me Swear The Oath
At The Seventh Of The Seven Mountains
The Twenty First Of December

The Skies Bath The Horizon In Fire
I Hold My Sword Before Me And I
Kneel Before The Blood On The Stone
Greet Me!!!

This Moment Was Chosen At The Birth
Of The Gods
A True Son Of Aasgard I Am
My Sign Is The Color Of The Night
And The Blood That Ran On My Fathers

The Oath Is Sworn The Blood Is Given
Now I Await You To Pass Me Your Forces

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