Текст песни Fairwarnin — Hold Me

Life is kinda crazy
How did I know
That I'd end up with you
And now I want you to hold me
While I make sweet love to you

Whoa now, while the gentle breezes bathe
And the tender feelings blow right through
my mind
Whoa now, while I'm still dazzled by your touch
And the secrets that we share will keep us warm

I want you to hold me while the shadows bathe the
I want you to hold me while and tell me I'm your only girl
I want you to thrill me and when you're through it's
Natural to say "I love you"

You and I are beginning
Even though we've been here for years
And you know every inch of me
Topography of body and map into my soul

Whoa now, come closer baby, closer still
Till I can't tell where I end and you begin
Whoa say, say those three words I long to hear
And then my darlin' come on in

(repeat chorus)

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