Текст песни Fabares Shelley — Johnny Get Angry

- Words and Music by Hal David and Sherman EdwardsJohnny, I said we were throughJust to see what you would doYou stood there and hung your headMade me wish that I were deadCHORUSOh, Johnny get angry, Johnny get madGive me the biggest lecture I ever hadI want a brave man, I want a cave manJohnny, show me that you care, really care for meEvery time you danced with meYou let Freddy cut in constantlyWhen he'd ask, you'd never speakMust you always be so meek?CHORUSEvery girl wants someone whoShe can always look up toYou know I love you, of courseLet me know that you're the bossCHORUSJohnny, get angry, JohnnyJohnny, Johnny, Johnny, JohnnyFADE

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