Текст песни F9 — Heavenly

You won’t be able to hold me anymore
I can’t even feel the warmth of your handsFrom a place where you could touch the sky, you jumped
Why did you leave me behind?Red, red, my wrists stained and dripping red
I’m looking into my heart but it’s all liesOne day I’ll be another star in the sky
streaming across the Milky Way
No matter how many times we kiss
my voice breaks, breaks, into sobsI’ve thrown out every memory of you
Through the tears, I shut them away deep in my heartEven if time dulls the pain
it feels good to scream and melt my heart awaySounds, colors, voices, and the Earth, it’s all gone
Light will never shine upon me againTime flows and the past fades away
just like bubbles
I’m going to sleep and never waking up
Give me the scent of a sweet, sweet dreamIs it too late for me?
I see bright white flowers scattered everywhereI’ve become a silver star in the sky
streaming across the Milky Way
I can hardly breathe, I’ll reach out
and I’m certain I’ll feel the touch of your hand
The Vega star is stitched in the clouds like a blanket
and wrapped gently, so gently, we fall asleepThe cold no longer matters, my heart is no longer suffering