Текст песни Eric Roberson — Just Imagine

Good morning lover let’s try something new
Let’s go discover more ’bout me and you
(Taking the day)
To fall in love again
Let’s go outside and watch the people move
(People move)
Or we’ll do anything you wanna do
(Just lead the way)
Let’s go out and play…playChorus:
I’ve been thinking
(I’ve been thinking of)
We could sink in
(Fall so deep in love)
We could spend the day
Just Imagine
(just imagine us)
What would happen
(What would happen aaah)
If we could spend the day falling in loveWe’ll greet the sunlight in the afternoon (afternoon)
And kiss the moonlight when the night comes through
(The perfect day) to fall in love again
And if you’re happy you can stay with me
(stay with me)
we’ll watch each sunset for eternity
(look to the sun)
Won’t you stay…stay

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