Текст песни Dodie Clark — Paint

Am I hiding, or is this just me?
Am I not allowed to be who I want to be?
It makes me feel better, ’cause pretty I aint!
What’s wrong with a little bit of paint?Am I being looked down upon again?
’Cause I’m wearing this lipstick in shade number ten
You look like a panda with that black around your eyes
Oh you’re completely right… It’s all part of my disguise…You wouldn’t put down a boy with scars
From an operation that he had in the past
He wears baggy jumpers to cover them up
He’s not too happy in his skin… just like us!CHORUSI can’t draw a thing but you could call this art;
Applying blusher doesn’t make me a tart
Don’t call her an orange ’cause I think that’s unkind
If you don’t like Lady Gaga that’s your problem not mine…!And I’m not saying every face is a canvas
I’m just saying if you’re feeling anxious
You should be able to wear whatever you choose
And if you think that I’m wrong, well — I refuse!CHORUSThere’s nothing wrong with a little bit of paintCHORUS CHORUS

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