Текст песни D I — Hated

Well I’ve seen many thingsIn my eternityI’ve felt all the poverty and wealth in my lifeI feel I’m runnin’ outta timeI’ve changed, rewritten, rearrangedI’ll try until I dieI’ve kissed realityAnd the whole damn world goodbyeAs I ponder in the eyes of a foolRealizing this nightmare’s trueDeep in your thoughts I now controlOnly to haunt you and break away from your hellAs I ponder in the eyes of a foolYour deception only to profit youSomeday I think I just may ruin your lifeForever dead on the edge of a knifeI’ve been tricked too many timesNow I know — Being cool will sometimes take it’s tollInsane — Ripped off losin’ my mindOnly to be crushed by deceptive liesYour deceptive liesSo now you put me in a cageSomeday I’m just gonna get awayIt’s like falling in a bottomless pitAnother selfish game of hit and missEyes open — Now I can seeJust what’s happening to meSometimes I’m my worst enemyBut if looks could kill you’d be dead you seeStill I ponder now you’re the foolsTable’s turned, the nightmares yoursAll the strain, rearrangedHavin’ to deal with yourselfNow the hell is yours

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