Текст песни D-12 — Another Public Service Annoucement

[bass brother]
This is another
Public service announcement
Brought to you in part…


[rondell beene]
This thing on?
Good good hell yea
Look, I’m speaking on behalf of d12
And if you get affended by words like
Fudge packer
Clit eater
All that shit like that
Then you should turn this shit off right now
’cause thats just some of the shit
No thats the only shit you gonna hear right here on this album
Its not that they don’t have creativity
Or some shit like that, that ain’t the case
We just like sayin shit like that, just to fuck with you
Hey! I told you to hold him down, now he’s running
Fuck it *bang*
God damnit if you would have just stayed still
Nothing would have happened to you
Just goes to show you, if you fuck with us
Shit can happen… bitch

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