Текст песни Cagnet — Love Generation

This is the time when we open our eyes
and love again
We can become what we most prize
if we love again
May you come to realize what you carry within
then you'll love again
No matter where you are no matter you can win
* Try keep your head about ya
Don't Worry if they doubt ya
You'll make it in the end
where you will love again
* repeat
Look around you see what's been found,
it's in your hand
Wonder no more, the clouds are gone,
it's in your hand
Everything you've sought,
and all you've imagined, it's in your hand
There is nothing that can be done,
have faith you can
* repeat x 2
This is the time when we open our eyes
and we love again
Caring for our dearest dreams and we love again
Maybe you'll see what's deep inside,
you'll love again
It's been right in front of your eyes,
this will never end
* repeat x 4
Love generation...

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