Текст песни Alan Jackson — What Happened To Those Glorious Westerns Of Yesteryear

What happened to those glorious Westerns of yesteryear,
When I think of those days gone by it brings forth a tear;
Where tales of the rugged frontier and Old West is a familiar story,
that brings with it the adventures of the cowboy and the wide open range, with all its glory;
Where the good guy always wins and the bad guy ends up" six feet under" if you will;
Oh, the tales that could be told of those buried out on Boot Hill;
Those were the days when the bad men of the West came up against the law,
Most often met their demise at the hands of someone quicker on the draw;
Those were times when the prairies were bridled with danger,
Danger for the outlaw who fought against the likes of the Lone Ranger;
Where every town in the West had more than its share of villains,
who were quickly put to rest by the tough and courageous Matt Dillons;
Oh how I miss those wonderful days of the Old West,
When courage and justice were put to the test;
Where memories of boyhood heroes are forever etched in my mind,
Reflections of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and the Hopalong Cassidy kind;
For me the agelessness of the American Cowboy is a sure bet,
as sure as John Wayne riding out into the western sunset;
What happened to those glorious Westerns of yesteryear.

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